The evening of November 1st in Poland the graveyards are covered in candles.  The light is so bright, they can even see the candles burning on the space station. This night is one of the most important days in Poland.  Zaduszki sees people all over the country gather to visit the graves of their loved ones.  The word zaduszki comes from dzień zaduszny, which could be translated as day of prayer for the souls. The eve of the holiday, November 1st, falls on what is also known as All Saints’ Day in Catholic communities. In the church calendar, that day is followed by All Souls’ Day, the official day to commemorate the departed faithful. The Zaduszki custom of honoring the dead thus corresponds with All Souls’ Day celebrations in many parts of the world, but has a more profound meaning, and is much more observed in Poland than in most places in the West.

Check your local church listings, but here are a handful of celebrations happening in Buffalo this weekend.
St Casimir Church Perpetual Lite Mass and Remembrance Roll Call “Wypominki” – Friday, November 1st at 7 pm.  160 Cable Street.
ALL SOULS AND – POLISH ANCESTORS DAY – Saturday, November 2nd 1-5 p.m. Mass for All Souls at 3 p.m. Genealogical Assistance 1-3 p.m. Resurrection Mausoleum St. Stanislaus Cemetery, Pine Ridge Rd., Cheektowaga.  You can purchase candles to place at your ancestor’s grave and the PGSNYS roadshow will be there to help you with your genealogy research.
Saint Adalbert Basilica Mass of Remembrance- Saturday, November 2nd 5:30 pm  212 Stanislaus St.  You can purchase candles at the event to light during mass in memory of your ancestors.  Singing at the mass will be soprano vocalist Brittany Mruczek.  A reception will follow.
Holy Mother of the Rosary Cemetery Mass – Saturday, November 2nd 7 pm.  Mass will be held at Holy Mother of the Rosary Cemetery. 
St Casimir Church Pix Memorial Mass for WNY WWII Survivors and their families – Sunday November 3rd at 10 am.  160 Cable St.