Early sacramental registers for a number of Polish parishes in Western New York may be browsed on FamilySearch.org at no cost, following the instructions below. Sacramental records on that site generally go up to about 1910, with some records available for later years.

  1. Sign up or log-in to FamilySearch.org .
  2. Click on Search – Catalog.
  3. Under “Place,” type the following: United States, New York, Erie, Buffalo.
  4. Then click “Search” and select “United States, New York, Erie Buffalo – Church records” from the results.
  5. A list of matches is displayed – scroll to the bottom to select “Show more” to see the complete list.
  6. Click the name of the parish that you are interested in. Then click on the camera icon to browse the digitized images.

Use the arrows above the image to scroll through the register. You can also print or download the image from this view.