Polish Folk Art Workshops

The PGSNYS is proud to partner with the Polish American Foundation of Connecticut and the Polish Arts Club of Buffalo in hosting master folk artist, Wiesława Bogdańska, during her first visit to Western New York! Ms. Bogdańska will offer two workshops on Polish folk arts at St. Bernard’s Parish Hall, 1990 Clinton Street, Buffalo, New York.

Wycinanki (paper cutouts) Workshop: Wednesday, October 11, 6:00–7:00 pm

Kurpie Kwiaty (paper flowers) Workshop: Wednesday, October 11, 7:30–8:30 pm

Materials are provided; participants need only bring a pair of scissors.

The fee for each workshop is $25 for the general public; members of the Polish Arts Club or PGSNYS pay $20. Space is limited to 25 participants per workshop. To register, please complete this form, and mail with your check to the address provided.

Wycinanka kurpiowska, image credit PL.in.NL, licensed for reuse, CC BY-SA 4.0.
Wycinanka kurpiowska gwiazda, image in the public domain.

Examples of wycinanki in the Kurpie style.

Photo credit: Dorena Wasik

Examples of Kurpie-style kwiaty (paper flowers).

Photo credit: Dorena Wasik

About the artist: Wiesława Bogdańska is a multi-talented artist and expert in Kurpie traditions. Her passion for Kurpie folk art began as a child; her grandmother (Stefania Konopka), her mother (Maria Chrostek), and her aunt (Czesława Konopkówna) were all masters of Kurpie folk art.

Bogdańska’s skill in creating wyncinanki (paper cutouts) is widely known and respected. Her wycinanki adorn collections of museums in Berlin, Białystok, Warsaw, Łomża, Kraków, Płock, Toruń and Ostrołęka. In the years 1991-1992, she designed and made cutouts for opłatek wafer decorations for Pope John Paul II, commissioned by the Pauline Fathers. Also, her wycinanka was presented by the Mazovian Voivode to the Dalai Lama, the spiritual leader of Tibet.

Bogdańska enjoys sharing her knowledge of Kurpie folk art and participates in educational events organized by museums, cultural centers and schools. In 2021, organized by the Polish American Foundation of Connecticut, she held class via Zoom to teach Americans the art of wycinanki and Kurpie kwiaty (paper flowers).

Since 1998, Bogdańska has been working in Zagroda Kurpiowska as a museum guide and folk-art instructor. She cooperates with SRLiA “Kurpianka,” is a member of the Association of Folk Artists, and is in the register of Folk Artists, “Cepelia.”

Photo credit: Amudena Rutkowska, licensed for reuse CC BY-SA 4.0

List of Awards received by Wiesława Bogdańska:
1988 – Youth Award Stanisław Wyspiański
1998 – Badge “Distinguished Culture Activist”
2006 – Award of the President of SRLiA in Kadzidło
2005 – Honorary Badge of the Minister of Culture and National Heritage “Meritorious for Polish Culture”
2005- Prize Oskar Kolberg 2005- Medal “Merit for Cepelia”
2008 – Medal of the Marshal “Pro Masovia”
2008 – Kurpik – Award of the President of the Kurpie Association
2009 – Annual Award of the Marshal of the Province of Mazowieckie
2009- Occasional award of the Staroste of Ostrołęka on the occasion of the jubilee 15th edition of “In the Footsteps of Kurpie”
2010 – Award of the Director of the Kurpie Culture Center in Kadzidło
2011- Award of the Mayor of Kadzidło Commune
2012- Medal “For Merit to Culture Gloria Artis”

List of International presentations/classes:
Germany 2001-Exhibition “Polish Folk Cutouts”
Sweden 2001-Polish Days
Germany 2001-2003 Kulturen In treffpunkt
Sweden 2003 Sweden-presentation wyncinanki
Athens, Greece 2003- Presentation of folk art
Berlin, Germany 2004 – Wycinanki Demonstration
Stockholm, Sweden 2004, 2007- Class for paper flowers
Japan 2005- Show during the World Exhibition EXPO
Reykjavik, Iceland 2006- Festival of Polish culture
Portdown, Ireland 2007-Country comes to Town
Switzerland 2007-Christmas decorations show
Yerevan, Armenia 2012-Europe Days

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