Church Book Digitization & Indexing

PGSNYS volunteers continue to digitize and index records and add them to our collection of searchable databases.

Current projects include:

Holy Mother of the Rosary Polish National Catholic Church sacramental ledger indexing

  • This project was initiated by Maureen Gleason, whose ancestors and relatives were parishioners, to preserve church books for posterity.
  • Digitization, indexing, and proofreading volunteers include Kathy Kasprzyk, Joe Malachowski, Craig Kanalley, Nicole Pohancsek, and Charles Penasack.

St. Stanislaus baptisms, 1917–1923

  • Indexing in progress with volunteers Kathy Kasprzyk and Joe Malachowski

Corpus Christi sacramental ledger indexing

Additional indexed church records in our database include:

  • St. Stanislaus Parish Marriages, 1874–1948
  • St. Stanislaus Parish Deaths, 1874–1973
  • St. Adalbert Parish Baptisms, 1889–1923
  • St. Adalbert Parish Marriages, 1887–1948
  • St. Adalbert Parish Deaths, 1886–1973
  • Assumption Parish Baptisms, 1888–1907
  • Assumption Parish Marriages, 1890–1911
  • St. John Kanty Parish Baptisms, 1892–1913
  • St. John Kanty Parish Marriages, 1893–1917
  • St. John Kanty Parish Deaths, 1893–1982
  • Transfiguration Parish Baptisms, 1893–1903
  • Transfiguration Parish Marriages, 1893–1919
  • Transfiguration Parish Deaths, 1893–1917, 1934–1980
  • Corpus Christi Parish Baptisms, 1898–1923
  • Corpus Christi Parish Deaths, 1898–1901

While many of our databases were created from sacramental ledger books from Polish parishes in Western New York and Polish cemetery records, we are open to digitizing and indexing any available records of interest to genealogists researching Polish history in New York State.

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