aThe day of the presentation, we were having issues connecting to Daniel.  His face is blurred out but you can hear him great.  My husband does put a picture of Daniel on the screen so you can see what he actually looks like:)

Many thanks to Daniel Bucko for his wonderful presentation, to David Newman for making this happen and for my husband Gene’s technical assistance.

Nicole Lodyga Pohancsek

PolishOrigins Galicia Tour

5-minute video from the 2013 Tours we have recently made. If you are interested in the shorter version of the video, we have prepared a 1 minute 30 seconds clip which you can also view below.

We would be happy to answer any questions you, or your members, might have about PO Galicia Tour. Of course, the offer of 7% discount of the Tour fee for your members is still valid.

Best greetings from Poland,