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The Society’s newsletter, Searchers, is currently published three times per year, in April, August, and December. Searchers contains information about the Society, as well as member-submitted articles relating to genealogy, Polish history, and the history of Polish-American communities, with an emphasis on Western New York.

If you would like to share your family history research, or an article on a subject related to local history or Polish genealogy, please send your articles for Searchers to searchers@pgsnys.org.

Past issues of Searchers can be found here:

SearchersIssue01 (Summer 1989)

SearchersIssue02 (Winter 1989)

SearchersIssue03 (Summer 1990)

SearchersIssue04 (Winter 1990)

SearchersIssue05 (Summer 1991)

SearchersIssue06 (Winter 1991)

SearchersIssue07 (Summer 1992)

SearchersIssue08 (Winter 1993)

SearchersIssue09 (Summer 1993)

SearchersIssue10 (Spring 1994)

SearchersIssue11&12 (Summer & Winter 1994)

SearchersIssue13 (Summer 1995)

SearchersIssue14 (Winter 1995)

SearchersIssue15 (Summer 1996)

SearchersIssue16 (Winter 1996)

SearchersIssue17 (Spring 1997)

SearchersIssue18 (Summer 1997)

SearchersIssue19 (Winter 1997)

SearchersIssue20 (Spring 1998)

SearchersIssue21 (Fall 1998)

SearchersIssue22 (Spring 1999)

SearchersIssue23 (Fall 1999)

SearchersIssue24 (Winter 1999)

SearchersIssue25 (Spring 2000)

SearchersIssue26 (Fall 2000)

SearchersIssue27 (Winter 2000)

SearchersIssue28&29 (Spring & Summer 2001)

SearchersIssue30 (Winter 2001)

SearchersIssue31 (Spring 2002)

SearchersIssue32 (Fall 2002)

SearchersIssue33 (Winter 2002)

SearchersIssue34 (Spring 2003)

SearchersIssue36 (Winter 2003)

SearchersIssue37 (Spring 2004)

SearchersIssue38&39 (Summer & Winter 2004)

SearchersIssue40 (Issue 1 2005)

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