Member Submitted Links

The following links to websites have been submitted by our membership.

Schenectady Digital History Archive. The Schenectady Digital History Archive includes a Project to Discover Schenectady County’s Eastern European Roots. The archive includes project newsletters. (Phyllis B.) I would like to add another site that I have found very good lately. That would be  I have been contacted by several families that have connection to mine and it has added about 40 names to my tree. I have met several people online that will now be friends too. (Sue C.)  Over the years I’ve noticed that trying to find contact information for any local court or law enforcement government office I’m trying to find is a chore – to say the least. Very often, I find myself going from one website to the next, going through Google listings trying to find the phone number or address I’m looking for – then realizing its either impossible to find, or that I’ve spent 20 minutes looking, for instance: local courts, district attorney, or local police department. It seems to be a pretty all-inclusive directory of legal related government contact information and directions and has saved me the headache of pouring through 100 Google websites to find what I’m looking for.  (Loretta H.)

The Immigration Era’s Effect on New York Today

Potpourri of Ellis Island(History and related information. Many interesting links!)

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