St. Adalbert’s Cemetery Database

This index was compiled from the “Cemetery Daily Journal” at the rectory of Saint Adalbert Basilica, 212 Stanislaus Street, Buffalo, NY. The original book contains numerous misspellings. The person writing the names in the original book wrote the Polish names phonetically, then used the Latin versions for first names. For accuracy, always check the original record book. When searching for an ancestor, always try using the correct spelling as well as various misspellings. If you know the actual death date, you can search the rear section of the book, which is arranged chronologically in order of burial dates.

The index is only complete for the years 1890 to 1928. While it does include many graves that are newer than 1928, it is not complete. However, you may find useful information nonetheless. (Records after 1928 can be checked with the cemetery office located in Lancaster, NY.)

These are the only pages of the book which contained the location of graves in the original cemetery. Listed were the section, line, and grave numbers. Sometimes conflicting locations for graves were recorded. There are cases of two or more names for the same grave. The original page number is included in our index listing so that researchers can check the original book to resolve any discrepancies in spellings, dates or locations.

Please note that this index only pertains to the Old Cemetery on Dale Road in Cheektowaga, NY (not the newer cemetery located in Lancaster, NY).  There are three sections covered in the index:

Section J: According to burial dates, this section appears to be the first or oldest section; it is possibly the open field on the left before the row of trees.

Section G: This section has a large number of burials, possibly located to your left as you enter the cemetery.  Unfortunately, it appears to have only three grave markers from the 1890–1903 era (Marchewka, Sadowski and Krysinski).

Section K: This section contains the majority of the grave markers; it is located on the left just past the traffic circle. (Row one begins just past the row of trees; grave number one is at the fence.)

You can contact us with search requests for burials from 1928 to 1976, but name and approximate death date must be provided because those years are not indexed.
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