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wdt_ID Database Number Database Name Category Database Description
1 1 Dziennik Dla Wsystkich Newspaper Index Newspapers & Other The Dziennik dla Wszystkich "Everybody's Daily" was Buffalo's Polish daily newspaper. This paper contained many death notices of local Western New York residents and Polish immigrants, which makes this paper a valuable resource for genealogists researching their Polish ancestors. The newspaper was published from 1911 through 1957 with some months missing and some periods during the 1940s and 1950s not containing any death notices because the Dziennik dla Wszystkich National Editions were microfilmed. The Polish Genealogical Society of New York State began a project in 1999 to index the Dziennik dla Wszystkich under the leadership of Ed Kornowski.
2 2 Black Rock Voters 1929 Newspapers & Other Index to Black Rock Voters 1929.
3 3 Haller Army Newspapers & Other An estimated 20,000 Polish persons answered the call to fight for freedom and the opportunity to regain Poland's independence during World War I in the Polish Army in France (in Polish, Armia Polska we Francyi). They were from among the Polish immigrants who came to America to fight with France. The Polish Army in France was also called "Haller's Army," after the general who commanded it, or the "Blue Army," for the blue uniforms the soldiers wore. The recruitment records are in the custody of the Polish Museum of America.
4 4 Holy Mother of the Rosary PNCC Baptisms 1895-1910 Baptisms Baptism records transcribed from ledgers stored at Holy Mother of the Rosary Cathedral office (6298 Broadway, Lancaster, NY 14086). Information recorded includes dates of birth and baptism, parents' names, and godparents. Baptismal records were rewritten and may contain errors; original books are lost.
5 5 Holy Mother of the Rosary PNCC Cemetery Burials Cemetery Burials that occurred in Holy Mother of the Rosary Polish National Catholic Cemetery in Cheektowaga, NY. Includes burials extracted from parish records (6298 Broadway, Lancaster, NY 14086) and gravestone inscriptions. Parish funeral records don't start until 1926 and information pre-1926 is very incomplete.
6 6 Holy Mother of the Rosary PNCC Marriages (Erie County Records) Marriages Miscellaneous early marriage records from Holy Mother of the Rosary Polish National Catholic Church extracted from Erie County marriage records (church marriage records start in 1916)
7 7 International Institute - Niagara Falls (1919-1933) Newspapers & Other The International Institute of Niagara Falls (New York) was established in 1919 under the auspices of the YWCA. It separated from the YWCA in 1933 and became known as the International Center and Girls Club. Its work was discontinued in 1970. The International Institute was organized after World War I to assist women immigrants assimilate in their new environment. These women were helped in a number of ways, including the naturalization process and obtaining rental residences. Their intake forms have been indexed by surname. Each case file comprised of personal information such as DOB, marriage dates, maiden name, children’s birthdates, etc. CONTACT: Peter Ames 297-4429
8 8 PGSNYS Funeral Cards Prayer Cards & Cemetery Records Already on website.
9 9 Polak w Ameryce Death Notices (1886-1920) Newspapers & Other Index to death notices in the Polak w Ameryce newspaper. Copies of death notices may be obtained by contacting PGSNYS (same procedure as Dziennik Dla Wsystkich lookups)
10 10 Polish Midwives Newspapers & Other Already on website.

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Dziennik Dla Wszystkich Obituary Database

St. Adalbert’s Cemetery Database

Funeral Card Project

Early Polish Midwives in Buffalo, NY

Surname Index

1930 Census Immaculate Heart of Mary Orphan Asylum Inmates

Przewodnik Handlowy Database

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Buffalonians in the Polish Army